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About Napa Dog

About Napa Dog Cookies - Cookies made with love

Dog Cookies Made In Napa Valley With Love

“Let’s Face It – Dogs Are Part Of Our Family. We Love Them And Want Them To Be With Us For As Long As Possible…”

About Napa Dog  – All Stories Have A Beginning

It was my 8-year-old son Alec’s and my lucky day at the local animal shelter in 2003. The moment we saw her, we knew instantly she was the one! She was an adorable shepherd/blue heeler mix and had the most prominent ears I’d ever seen on a puppy. Alec named her Las Vegas, but she quickly became Vegas. And that’s when the Napa Dog story began.

Vegas didn’t like her kibble and she seemed to be losing weight.   I tried adding canned food and even chicken broth to her kibble.  She would take a little bite of food and then walk away, lay down, and look up at me like she was saying, “You expect me to eat that?”

“I Must Have Tried Twenty Different Types Of Dog Food For Vegas With No Success Until…”

I love to cook, and whatever I was cooking for Alec and me, I just made extra for her. She started eating!

I remember people telling me, “You’re spoiling your dog. Leave her kibble there and when she gets hungry enough she’ll eat it. I thought to myself, “Why would I do that to my dog?!”

People would ask me all the time what type of shampoo I was using on our dog. “Her coat is so shiny!” they would exclaim. The reason her coat was shiny was because of the food she was eating.

“Love Of Cooking, Love Of Dogs, And Love Of Health Are The Heart And Soul Of Napa Dog…”

To be honest, I got a lot of flak from almost everyone when I told them that I made her meals myself. But I knew I was on the right track for her health. At that point, nothing could dissuade me from doing the right thing for my dog. And, what if other dogs could benefit from what I was feeding Vegas? What if I sold my dog food? After all, if what we ate was good for us, then maybe it was good for them too!

That summer, I started selling Napa Dog at our local farmers market. Quickly it became a success! I had regulars that came every week, and then I started making home deliveries. Today I’m concentrating on making healthy dog treats. I hope my dog food will be available soon.

The More You Learn About Napa Dog The More You’ll Want To Feed Your Dog Our Healthy Treats

The moment Alec and I saw Vegas we knew she was the one. That’s when she became a part of the family and what started Napa Dog.

Vega, Napa Dog Cookies Mascot, photo at About Napa Dog

“I make dog cookies because feeding dogs a healthy treat keeps them healthy while living longer, happier lives.”

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P.O. Box 6973
Napa, California 94558