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A Napa Dog
is a Happy Dog.




Order before Dec 25th and we will throw in a FREE sampling of our Coconut Carrot and Blueberry Apple Cookies as a thank you!

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Turns out what your pet needs to stay healthy and happy isn’t so different from what us humans need.


Because if there’s ONE thing that’s going to impact THEIR potential for a long, healthy, happy life – it’s DIET.


Cranberry Christmas Cookie

Napa Dog’s Delicious and Nutritious Vegan and Gluten-Free Cranberry Christmas Cookies are a wonderfully healthy treat you can give your dog all holiday season! We start with Organic Sweet Potato, then we add Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Flour, Cassava Flour, Dehydrated Cranberries, Shredded Coconut Flakes, Organic Flaxseed Meal and Sea Salt with Iodine.

$17.99 (Free Shipping!)


(OR IS IT Barking…)

“Our dog loves Napa Dog Treats! We often crumble them in her food when she won’t eat and it does the trick. Of course she enjoys them as treats too. We love that they are made with health in mind. Our dog thanks you and so do we.”

Sharon L.

“Maggie the pug is a very picky eater but she does love Napa dog cookies more than any other treat or food.”

Joanne S.

“Napa Dog cookies are my new favorite dog treat! Not only are they good for them, my dogs LOVE them! One of my dogs was a "super shedder" and since I have been giving him a cookie a day, his shedding has improved about 90%!!! And I tried using a number of other over the counter and natural supplements and none worked. These cookies are a miracle cure!”

Jackie D.

“My sweet baby boy Calvin absolutely loves these treats! At first I was unsure if he would eat them because he isn’t typically a food-driven pup but I swear, he could not get enough of them - the bag lasted about a week, no joke!! We will definitely be buying more.”

Sophia H.

"When I read the ingredients on the bag of Napa Dog Cookies I loved that they were made from real food and that they were organic. My sister and I both bought a bag and our dogs loved them! We immediately bought more! Thank you for making such a great product!"


“The Napa Dog Cookies are the best! My dog absolutely goes crazy for them. My wife and I feel good about giving our dog a healthy treat. You've got to try them for your dog.”