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Certified Humane Proteins and Organic Veggies Made in the Napa Valley with Love

Real Food For Real Dogs

it all starts with food

Your Dog Stays Healthier With Our Products

Our dogs are at our mercy when it comes to what they eat every day. There is so much controversy on what to feed them and it’s confusing with all the choices out there.

That’s why I created Napa Dog! We don’t use grains or fillers to cut costs. These ingredients don’t belong in dog food and can cause inflammation that leads to disease. Our food will give your furry companion the best chance at a happy, healthy, and long life. Because our food is so rich in protein and good healthy fats and fiber you may not need to feed your dog as much as you normally would from other dog food companies. You will start to see the health benefits in your dog right away. That is our promise!

it all starts with food

Made From Only Certified Humane And Gap Rated Farms

No Factory Farmed Animals Ever! Our meats are ethically raised and sourced. All our veggies are organic and ingredients are human grade sourced from the USA! Napa Dog is gently cooked in the beautiful Napa Valley!

Product Delivery System

For our fresh frozen dog food we use dry ice packs in our packaging to ensure your Napa Dog product stays fresh until it gets to your home. We deliver anywhere in the US.

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